Our mission

Our aim is to be recognized as a leading educational institution providing leadership in the development of knowledge and engagement with educational and social values. We promote a reciprocal relationship between students and the contributing companies, creating opportunities for the application of knowledge to real-world problems.

Our statement of service includes a philosophy in quality management that assesses progress. Our aim is to obtain not only students’ satisfaction but also a transparent, effective and embracing program implementation.

Today our programs include:

  • Level 1 programs: These programs are designed for students who finished their compulsory secondary education (from 16 years-old).
  • Level 2 programs: These programs are designed for students who finished their post-compulsory secondary education (from 18 years-old).

Level 1 programs: Commercial Branch

Two programs leading to:

  • the position of Commercial Technician
  • to the specialization in Office Management

Level 2 programs: Commercial Branch

Programs leading to:

  • The position of Commercial and Marketing Services Technician
  • The specialization in Customer Service
  • The specialization in Logistics and Transport Management
  • The specialization in International Trade

Level 2 programs: Administrative Branch

Two programs leading to:

  • The specialization in Administration and Finance
  • Assistant Management  

Level 2 programs: Tourism

One program leading to:

  • The position of Tourist Information Specialist

All the students enrolled in Vocational Study Programs participate in a compulsory internship in associated businesses. In order to gain further experience in their chosen field, students are given the possibility of extending this internship.

Regarding our language project, Catalan is the common language of the school.

As good knowledge of other school languages is also required, students need to follow second foreign language lessons (one or two foreign languages depending on the program). 

English is considered a priority. Therefore, classes are smaller, the school promotes language exchanges, and offers students a foreign language laboratory for self assessment. The same can be said for French and German, with the caveat that these classes are design for beginners.

Our main objectives

Student related objectives:

We provide:

  • A comprehensive education that combines on the one hand, cognitive development, and on the other, specific areas of knowledge related to the professional curriculum, and social-ethical values.
  • Studies that enable students to engage in further education.
  • A training program that allows students to successfully practice their skills.

Family related objectives:

We assess and advice families on the most suitable education for their children, and we recommend various learning paths. For this, we always take into account the children’s background. We strongly believe that cooperation of school and family is an important tool that contributes to the students’ involvement in their learning process.

Society, business world and institution related objectives:

We strive to train not only competent workers but also responsible citizens that can adapt to social changes and contribute to the progress and development of an open-minded, free and supportive society.

School staff related objectives:

We promote a motivating working environment that encourages participation and involvement of our staff with a view to obtaining both a constant improvement and the continuation of the school’s line of work.

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